Who is at Fault for a Rear-End Car Accident in Texas?

February 4, 2021 | Car Accidents

Rear end car accidents often result in severe injuries for those involved. Unfortunately, determining liability in the aftermath of a rear-end accident in Texas can be challenging. In many cases, the rear driver will be the one at fault for the incident, but that is not always the case. It is crucial that personal injury victims work diligently to uncover evidence to prove liability so they can secure compensation for their losses. This may involve seeking assistance from a skilled Texas car accident lawyer with the resources necessary to conduct a complete investigation into the case.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Rear End Accidents?

Rear-end collisions are very common throughout Texas. In many cases, a rear-end collision is something as simple as a fender bender, but we need to get away from thinking of all rear-end accidents as being “minor incidents.”

The reality is that many rear-end car accidents result in significant and life-threatening injuries for victims. In most rear-end accident cases, the liability falls onto the rear driver that strikes the vehicle in front of them.

This is because all drivers are expected to maintain a safe enough distance between themselves and the vehicles in front of them to ensure they have time to avoid a collision should an unexpected or dangerous situation occur.

In general, when law enforcement officers investigate these cases, they will likely issue a citation to the rear driver for following too closely or for reckless driving. Some of the most common causes of a rear-end accident in Texas include the following:

  • Drivers operating too fast for conditions
  • Drivers operating while impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Drivers operating while distracted by phones or other devices
  • Drivers following others too closely (tailgating)

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Can the Lead Driver Be Responsible for a Rear End Accident?

While the rear driver may be most commonly responsible for these incidents, that is not always the case. There are times when the driver in the lead vehicle may be at fault for a rear end car accident. Some of the most common ways that a front driver may be responsible for these collisions include the following:

  • If the driver is impaired and swerves in front of another vehicle
  • If a driver slams on their brakes unexpectedly and without reason
  • A lead driver stopping too early for any signal or traffic sign
  • If the front driver purposefully tries to cause the rear vehicle to slam into them

Often, rear-end collisions lead to a “chain reaction” event. For example, if one vehicle slams into the rear of another vehicle, this could force the front vehicle to slam into the rear of another vehicle. In this case, neither of the two front vehicles will likely be at fault for the incident. Liability may fall to the rear driver, regardless of how many vehicles are involved in the incident.

Injuries in Rear-End Collisions Are Often Severe

Unfortunately, rear-end crashes often result in severe injuries for those involved. One of the most common types of injuries that occurs in a rear-end car accident is whiplash. This type of injury affects the soft tissue areas of the back and neck when they are stretched or torn due to the rapid back and forth movement caused by the collision. However, some more sudden emergency injuries that can occur in these cases include spinal cord trauma concussions, traumatic brain injury, nerve damage, airbag deployment injuries, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, broken or dislocated bones, and more. Motorcyclists involved in rear-end accidents can experience the most severe injuries, and in certain instances become air born after a collision.

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