Month: February 2022

Can a Pre-Existing Injury Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

February 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

If you or somebody you care about sustains an injury caused by the negligent actions of another individual or entity in Texas, you should be able to recover compensation for your losses. However, insurance carriers and at-fault parties will use various tactics to limit how much money they payout in a settlement, including bringing up… read more

Does Texas Have Move Over or Slow Down Laws for Vehicles?

February 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

Texas, along with various other states throughout the country, has a move over/slow down law in place that requires motorists to change lanes and take caution on the roadway when approaching emergency vehicles or service utility vehicles and personnel. It is important to understand how this law is worded and how it applies so that… read more