How To Stay Safe When Driving Next To a Truck

October 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Driving on roadways near large commercial trucks can be intimidating. These vehicles weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and they are much longer and wider than other vehicles on the road. It is important to know how to stay safe when driving next to a larger truck on the roadway. Here, we want to discuss the main safety tips that drivers need to keep in mind when operating around any type of larger vehicle. These steps can help maintain overall roadway safety and prevent serious injuries and property damage from occurring.

Steps to Take When Driving Near a Large Truck

There are various steps that you can take to remain safe when operating near a larger commercial truck on the roadway. This includes:

  1. Avoiding the truck’s blind spots. Large commercial trucks have significant blind spots, and these are referred to as “No-Zones.” These blind spots are along each side of the truck as well as directly in front of and behind the truck. Remember, if you cannot see the truck driver in their mirror, they will not be able to see you in your vehicle.
  2. Giving the truck driver space around turns. Trucks need a significant amount of space when they make turns, and if you think a truck is about to make a turn, you should avoid riding alongside the larger vehicle. Often, trucks take up two lanes when they have to make a wide turn, and any vehicle along the side of the truck could end up getting trapped between the truck and the curb.
  3. Passing safely. Passing a large commercial truck can seem like a precarious maneuver, but you may have to pass these vehicles on the roadway. When you need to pass a truck, you should activate your turn signal, increase your speed safely to get past the truck, and only move back into another lane after you are well in front of the larger truck.
  4. Avoiding distractions. If you know you will be operating your vehicle around larger commercial trucks, you need to avoid any type of distraction that can take your mind or eyes off the roadway. You need to remain vigilant at all times around these vehicles.

What Steps Should I Take if I Was Involved in a Truck Accident?

If you are involved in a truck accident, there are various steps that you can take to help ensure that you are properly cared for and recover compensation for losses.

  1. Check for injuries. Every truck crash victim must seek medical care as soon as possible to assess for injuries and establish a link between the incident and the injuries.
  2. Call 911. Law enforcement officials must come to the scene of a truck crash to conduct an investigation and fill out the accident report.
  3. Gather evidence. If it is safe to do so at the scene of a truck crash, use your phone to take photographs of vehicle damage, injuries, the name of the truck company, skid marks, debris, traffic and weather conditions, and more. The names and contact information of any eyewitnesses must be written down before they leave the scene.
  4. Report the incident to your insurer. You need to report the truck crash to your insurance carrier within a day or two after the incident occurs. Delaying this report could result in an insurance claim denial.
  5. Contact an attorney. You need to speak to a skilled truck accident lawyer in Austin who has extensive experience handling complex injury claims.